Tenth Annual

Town Wide Tag Sale

Saturday, August 22, 2020
54 Locations on the map! 

Rain or Shine!

Click here for the map
Click here for the locations list

    Or buy your printed map/list
on Friday from 11-7 inside or Saturday from 8-12 outside
at Hitchcock Free Academy
2 Brookfield Rd at Rt. 20

Click here for a sneak preview of items for sale.

Let friends and family know
Brimfield is the place to be!

A full day of tag sales!


Stephanie says
"Thank You" to the residents of Brimfield for making this local event a HUGE success.

How to participate:

 1) Get on THE MAP!
 Hold your own tag sale and list it on THE MAP

  2) Get the word out to family and friends!

All proceeds from MAP listings and MAP sales
 to benefit Hitchcock Free Academy

“Brimfield Town Wide Tag Sale” MAPs will be sold for $2 at Hitchcock starting at 8 am on the morning of the tag sale 

Clean out your attic!
Clean out your basement!
Clean out your garage!
Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

    Hold your own tag sale! 
A listing fee of $12 will put YOUR address on THE MAP.
All participating tag sale addresses will be posted on THE MAP and included in the street address list on THE MAP.

All listings received at Hitchcock by Friday May 13 have the benefit of including a list of "make your stop unique" items.

Participants will receive a numbered location sign to identify their address as a participating tag sale. The sign should be posted on the mailbox or a prominent location near the street to make it easier for tag sale buyers to find each participating tag sale location.

2020 Listing Form

Listing Forms are also available at Hitchcock Academy.


Hitchcock Free Academy (413) 245-9977

Stephanie Bayliss (508) 523-1314

Stephanie Bayliss
(508) 523-1314 
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